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With a traditional life insurance policy, the death benefit gets paid to your beneficiaries when you pass away. On the other hand, life insurance with living benefits allows you to access your policy's death benefit while you're still living if diagnosed with a qualifying illness such as cancer, stroke, or heart attack. 

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Important U.S. stats to consider...


More than 1.5 million new cases each year¹


Every 40 seconds, someone experiences a stroke² 


Heart Attack

More than 500,000 heart attack cases each year³

How does it work?

While traditional life insurance protects your family when you pass away, life insurance with living benefits also protects you while you're still alive. Unexpected medical issues can happen anytime so it's good to have a plan for those unforeseen events. Whether it's surviving a stroke or being diagnosed with cancer, living life after a health related emergency can have its own obstacles.

Besides having to worry about medical bills, there's also the issue of keeping up with important everyday expenses while you're not at work. But with life insurance with living benefits, you can have peace of mind knowing that your monthly obligations won't have to be compromised due to a critical, chronic, or terminal illness.

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